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Update 0.9.3

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0.9.3 - 4th March 2023

- new equipment gemming system - allows you to upgrade your weapon or equipment with gemstones
- new subsystems: forging, combining, adding sockets (related to gemming)
- new physical damage system (check forum post in Guides-System tab)
- new equipment attributes (reworked: defense, attack; removed: armor, dodge chance; added hitrate, dodge, misschance..)
- meele and ki absorbs replaced with physical and ki resistance points
- defense and energy skills rework (adjusted for new player attributes)
- new miss chance formula for players
- complete equipment rebalance (based on tier levels: 100, 170, 240, 300, 360)
- all equipment and weapons have level requirement
- complete monsters rebalance (new stats adjusted to player equipment, new level calculation)
   * applies to casual monsters, saga monsters, dungeon monsters, maze monsters, quest monsters, minibosses
- rage system rework - based on damage dealt and damage taken (instead of monster kills)
- dungeons no longer spawn casual monsters
- temporarily disabled auction house (will be reworked in near future)
- normalized buff and debuff animated texts


- new monsters: tsuful researcher, namekian pterodactil, mystical namekians
- new namekian outcast respawn on namek
- new Dragon Island on namek (contains 5 smaller islands with 100-220 level monsters)
- new Porunga Town on namek (10+ npcs, trainers, depot, houses)
- Dragon Clan Storyline (100 level)
- 9 new quests on Dragon Island


- Tenshin and Yamcha new spells (replaced spirit ball)
- spells ki cost recalculated
- gran aura and regeneration mana cost scales up with level
- imprisonment ball duration 10s -> 5s
- dread sphere - party members are excluded
- blaster meteor - removed shield and additional cooldown
- persistance - 15 -> 10 physical resistance
- ki absorption - 15 -> 10 ki resistance, added 15 miss chance
- dragon fist - 1sqm damage cooldown stays normal, built-in jump has 10 second cooldown
- fighting spirit - duration 10s -> 20s
- heal friends - changed formula
- bone crusher - duration 25s -> 15s
- cell juniors - teleport when player is not in range, summon speed depends on player speed, hp and dmg scale with player level
- reconstruction - 5% chance -> 10%
- slash - new duration 4s for players and monsters, higher chance if target is stunned
- nw passive rework - 1% physical dmg buff for each 10% rage
- ki sword - new damage formula, fixed dodge issues
- fixed janemba passive
- last will - removed 10 physical resistance


- DBWLauncher v2 port
- improved diagonal walking
- improved some movement elements
- changed FPS options, removed max interface framerate option (to avoid unnecessary issues)
- new modules for forging, combining, adding sockets
- character info window split into: Character, Skills, Attributes
- new item tooltips designed for attribute rework
- summons and saga monsters name color (instead of skulls)


- miss/dodge can only happen if there is an attacker (fe. doesn't work on fire fields)
- fixed cooler manadrain passive bug
- fixed player miss chance bug
- fixed guavis questlog
- fixed ghost corpse
- fixed band defense display
- fixed guru spell dialog

Note: 2nd patch will be announced soon, possibly coming in the next few weeks (NPC Traders rework, new trade items)

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