We recommend reading the FAQ below, it will answer many questions asked by novice players.

What should I do first after logging into Dragon Ball World?

Answer: First of all, you should look around the map, look for NPCs, if they don’t have tasks for us. Many of them will give us some equipment for the completed task (the available list of quests can be found in the Quest Log, in the client’s top menu). Then look for a gym, level up your skills, and then look around for monsters of your level.


How to earn our first money?

Answer: We can earn money in many ways. Some of them are:

– completing a daily task for which you will be rewarded with experience and zenni,
– catching fish and selling them to Korin, located in his tower in the north-western part of the map. You can get the rod from a rookie quest or buy it from Mark for 25 zen, he is in the lighthouse west of West City.
– collecting everything from monsters and selling it to the Trade NPC. The list of trade items is available on the wiki. It is worth asking other players about the location of a given NPC or look for a proper guide on the forum.


 How to get meds / supplies.
Answer: Supplies can be purchased at the hospital located in the eastern part of the west city.

What systems should I learn at the very beginning?

Answer: First of all, you should get to know the system of sags and tasks. A description of both systems can be found in the wiki library. Thanks to the sagas, we will gain helpful items, bonuses to statistics and experience. Tasks, on the other hand, will allow us to earn a lot of zennis and also experience. Next, it’s worth getting acquainted with the dungeon system. They will be a nice addition to your daily dose of experience, zenni, and if you’re lucky, valuable items.

Is multi-client allowed?

Answer: The game allows you to log in two characters from one account. It is allowed to play on two characters at the same time. Logging in more than two characters from one IP will have consequences (according to the regulations).

What skills should i train at the beggining?

Answer: First of all, you need to raise your train points and attacking skill (strength, sword fighting or distance fighting) in order to complete the quest on rook. After leaving the rook, it’s worth getting the first money and then in the west city, from NPC Joe, buy a light band and other parts of the light set. The light band will allow you to increase the attack speed, and the light set increase your training points, thanks to which, you can learn new techniques, and also it will increase your hp and ki regeneration.

Where to start gaining experience?

Answer: At the very beginning, we can gain experience by going to North Kaio, who has his planet in Heaven (we can get there by going to Dende, he takes us to hell, and in hell Dabura can take us to the path of the serpent, at the end of which there is the planet North kaio). The second way is to defeat low-level creatures such as animals, skeletons or hooligans. We can accept a task for them. After reaching level 20, when further gaining experience on the planet North Kaio will be impossible, we go to higher level monsters. At this point, we also have the first dungeon available, but it’s better to do it with a team. More information could be found in guides on our forum.