Server Info

Online: 24/7
Exp Rate: Low
Skill Rate: Low

Visit our library to learn about tasks, sagas, dungeons, mazes and other systems that will accelerate your character’s development.
Also, make sure you use the quest log, as all available quests and their progress are stored there.

Exp Stages: Lv60; Lv130; Lv200; Lv250; Lv320; Lv400; Lv500

World Type: PvP

PVP protection: Lv30 – loss of experience or equipment protection

PZ Lock after attack: 20 sec
PZ Lock after kill: 20 min

Frag Time – 12h
Red Skull – 4 Frags
Black Skull – 8 Frags

Please also read the server rules to avoid unnecessary problems.