Server Rules

  1. Positions on the server

– Admin,

– Senior Gamemaster,

– Gamemaster,

– Banner,

– Counsellor,

– Tutor,

– Player


  1. Character or guild name

1.1      The character or guild name must not be offensive or vulgar

1.2      A character or guild name cannot contain the name of a real person

1.3      A character or guild name cannot contain the name of another player, monster, npc, item, guild, quest or impersonate staff

1.4      A character or guild name cannot contain the name of a rank on the server (e.g. BN, GM, SGM, Admin)

1.5      Character or guild name cannot be composed of random letters

If the guild name violates the above rules, the guild will be deleted.

If a character’s name violates the above rules, it will be changed by Staff using namelock.

*After receiving a namelock, please contact the staff (preferably the banning person) and send a new nickname proposal.

**In case of intentional creation of new characters with names that violate the rules, the player gets a delete and an IP ban.

  1. In-game chat conversations

2.1 Insulting the staff and other players:

        – directed at players – no ban.

        – The insults directed at the family and relatives of another player – 5 day ban.

        – aimed at staff (Tutor+) – no ban or ban from 1 to 5 days, depends on the offended.

        – repeated use of insults despite warnings – ban from 1 to 5 days.

*attempts to circumvent section 2.1 (e.g. by setting texts in spells, guild rank) will be punished the same way.

2.2 Create new characters only for the purpose of insulting – delete (+ ban on IP).

2.3 Threats beyond the game – ban up to 5 days.

2.4 Spamming in chat or player’s PMs – ban up to 5 days.

        – Creating new characters just for the sake of spamming – delete, ban on IP.

2.5 Incorrect use of the chat (frequent mistakes) – ban up to 5 days.

        Trade – used for making offers (sell/buy/trade) in accordance with 2.7 (Trade)

        Help – used to ask questions related to the game

        Game Chat – used to talk to other players about any topic

2.6 Advertising other servers, websites, discords – punishment is determined by the banner (from 5 days ban to deletion)

2.7 Trade

        – Selling or exchanging characters / accounts – delete for the person selling, ban for 20 days for the person buying.

        – Selling characters/accounts/items from the game for real money or currency outside the server – delete all characters belonging to the person selling and lose of houses and items.

        – Attempting to buy game characters/accounts/items for real money or currency outside the server – ban for 20 days (hard) or delete.

        – sending GG number, TeamSpeak, discord or other messengers – ban for 40 days (hard) or delete.

  1. Programsand modifications to the game client

3.1 Using tasker, macro, autohotkey or other bots that perform actions in the game without our participation – ban for 20 days. (hard)

*additional dash in keyboard programs is also considered a macro

3.2 Use of support programs in PvP with other players – delete.

*[to points 3.1, 3.2] – if the banning person is BN or GM, you can appeal the ban or delete – the case is then reviewed by SGM or Admin based on logs and other tools.

3.3 Any modifications to the game client (modifications to modules, modification of spr or dates, injecting bots) – delete.

*[to paragraphs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3] – the banning person is not obliged to show proof of the ban, e.g. to hide the manner of detection

3.4 The game allows to play up to two characters at the same time, on one account. Playing more than 2 characters will be punished with a warning and then a ban for 5 and next time 20 days. IP based verification. 

3.5 Multi-client abuse like interfering with players using multiple characters, skilling the main character by using multiple characters, blocking passages with multiple characters, and other abuses – after first warning – ban for 20 or 40 days for all involved characters.

  1. Others

4.1 Exploitation of game bugs or weaknesses – ban for 20 days (hard), ban for 40 days (hard) or delete (depends on game bug and exploitation level)

*Game bugs specific to this version of tibia are also punished (e.g. running AFK on follow).

        – Using server crashes to copy items or other benefits – delete on all characters

4.2 Sharing an account with other players – ban for 20 days (hard).

4.3 Destructive behaviour on the server (repeatedly disturbing players, blocking quests, luring mobs, disturbing the report of suspicious players, etc.) – ban 5 / 10 / 15 days.

– Killing other people’s monsters – ban up to 5 days.

– Interfering with sagas – ban up to 5 days.

4.4 Having more than 1 house per player – ban for 3 days and loss of all houses (items go to the depot).

4.5 Hacking other players (sending keyloggers, shortcuts, other hacking attempts) – delete on all characters.

4.6 DDoS attacks on the server or other players – delete on all characters of the person responsible for the attack, delete on all future characters created by the attacker.

4.7 Publishing private pictures or data of another player in game, on discord or forum (without his/her permission) – Staff will assess the severity of the situation, 20-40 days hard ban or delete.

4.8 Forgery of screenshots, video clips and other evidence in order to ban or acquit another player, blackmailing with evidence, withholding or deleting evidence – delete on all characters of the person who participated in the forgery.

4.9 Creating, promoting or providing illegal software (bot, client modifications, macros, scripts) – 40 days hard ban, delete or delete for all characters (depending on the severity of the situation).

  1. 5. Player and Staff Responsibilities

5.1 The player is obliged to answer every staff member, ignoring during the check is a violation of the rules

5.2 A player is obliged to reply to another player when he/she is being checked (if someone frequently checks us for obstruction, we can give him/her an 'ignore’ and keep a screenshot as possible evidence for appeal)

5.3 The player is obliged to follow the instructions of the staff while checking (if the instructions go beyond writing in the chat, the instructions may be given only by a person with the BN+ rank)

5.4 Staff is obliged to show proof to the person banned

*not applicable to SGM and Admin

**not required to show proof when a player has been banned for rules 2.6, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1, 4.5, 4.6

5.5 When we are checked we have 30 seconds to reply after the last action. In case of writing back after a time shorter than 30 seconds, a banning person (BN+) decides about punishment based on other factors.

5.6 Escape from a check (log-out, exit, intentional dead character) is treated as an admission of guilt.

5.7 Too frequent checking aimed at obstructing the game, or spamming with pointless reports – ban up to 15 days.

5.8 Every player has the right to record and report others (in moderation)

5.9 Evidence for serious situations can be messages and photos from outside the server, these cases are handled only by SGM+

5.10 Every player has the right to appeal against a ban

*if the appeal is denied, creating further appeals may result in a delete being imposed on the character

**It is not possible to appeal rules: 2.6, 2.7, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9

*** can be appealed up to a week after receiving a ban

5.11 A recorded proof expires after 48 hours

*not applicable to rules: 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 4.1, 4.5, 4.6, 4.7, 4.8, 4.9

5.12 Screen capture submissions must include the entire screen (including taskbar)

        – if the context of the conversation is important in the report (e.g. when insulting), the whole chat window must be shown

        – photo must not be cropped or edited

        – the photo must be legible

5.13 Recordings of a cheating Player

        – cannot be edited,

        – The chat message must contain the player’s nickname and check keywords such as „recording”, „write back”,

        – the chat message must be readable

        – show the ignore list

5.14 Evidence must be available for at least one week after the ban is imposed

        *SGM+ can uphold a ban despite the disappearance of evidence

        *(hard) next to the number of days banned means that if a player is banned twice for the same reason, they will get a delete


Staff is not responsible for server downtime, loss of characters, items, houses, exp due to a hack or server crash.

Admins have the right to change the rules and ban a player for any number of days or unban them without justification when they deem it necessary.