Easter Event 2023


31.03.2023 – start of easter event

5.04.2023 – easter challenges

30.04.2023 – end of easter event


Monsters drop easter flowers and red easter eggs. Easter flowers are used to trade with event NPCs. For completing tasks and killing minibosses you can get blue easter eggs. Red and blue easter eggs drop random useful items, mostly consumables.

Easter Muffin – amplifies your current boost (improves the stats by 0.5x)

Chocolate Bunny – makes all your spells deal burn damage for 10 minutes

Chocolate Egg – works as senzu bean, gives full food each use


Bunny Master can bring you to easter island. On the island you can find his helper, who trades various seasonal boosts that might help you in game.

World Bosses

There are 2 new seasonal world bosses. They spawn every few hours, at random spots around the map. Fight them for experience, boosts, consumables and rare seasonal items!


Every player above 20lv can collect a bunny plushie with their name signed! Just use one of the altars.

Collect Easter Eggs

You can buy easter basket from Bunny Master and collect easter eggs from all altars placed around the world.

Collect rare house decorations and summon your own pet!

And try yourself in a seasonal challenge.. coming soon on 5th April