(item upgrade system)

Types of gems

There are four types of gems:

  1. Gem (can be upgraded to level 5) 
  2. Broken Gem (cannot be upgraded)
  3. Ultra Gem (can be upgraded to level 3) 
  4. Refining Gem (has no stats, it is needed to forge Gem and Ultra Gem into equipment, level of Refing Gem must be equal to Gem or Ultra Gem)

Gem tiers

Gems and Broken Gems are divided into tiers:

  1. Tier 1 (can be forged into any equipment)
  2. Tier 2 (can be forged into equipment for 240 level and above) 
  3. Tier 3 (can be forged into equipment for 360 level and above)


To be able to forge gems into items, you need to complete quests, different for each tier. Quests are available on the ancient namekian island, which is  introduced in the Dragon Clan Quest.

How to get

Gems can be obtained in many ways. The main source of Gems, Broken Gems and Refining Gems  are:

  • Mazes
  • Dungeons
  • Mini Bosses
  • Treasure Maps (soon)
  • Fishing
  • Green Flask
  • Mining (only refining gem)

Ultra Gems can only be obtained in one way. They are dropped by World Bosses.


Any gems, except Broken Gems can be merged into a higher lvl gem, up to level 5 (ultra gem up to level 3). Each gem multiplies the gem’s stat by its level. If level 1 gives +5 attack then lvl 5 will give 25 attack (5*5).

To combine two games you will need:

  • 2x identical gems (same type, tier and level)
  • 1x gem composition scroll (aquired in missions)
  • zenni (depending on the gem tier)

Chances of combining success:

  • level 1 -> 2: 100%
  • level 2 -> 3: 90%
  • level 3 -> 4: 75%
  • level 4 -> 5: 50%

Chances can be increased by eating the right fruit giving „Gem Combining Chance”. When the combining fails, we lose all the ingredients and money. 


To forge a gem into an item, the item must meet the gem’s tier level requirements. The item to which we want to forge the gem must have a empty „socket”. Gems should be forged into the EQ in sequence. First we forge the gem we are interested in with level 1, then we forge the same gem with level 2 on top of this gem, etc. You cannot immediately forge a gem with level 5 into an empty „socket”. Apart from the gem itself with a bonus , to forge a gem we also need a refining gem of the same level as the gem we want to forge.

To sum up, to forge a gem we need:

  • equipment (that meets the requirements)
  • 1x gem
  • 1x refining gem with same level as gem
  • 1x weapon forging scroll / equipment forging scroll (depends from item)
  • zenni

Chances of forging success:

  • level 1: 100%
  • level 2: 95%
  • level 3: 85%
  • level 4: 75%
  • level 5: 65%
 Chances can be increased by eating the right fruit giving „Gem Forging Chance”. When the combining fails, we lose gem, refining gem, scroll and zenni. 

Creating sockets

By default, after crafting/dropping an item, there is one empty socket in it (empty space where we can forge one gem). However, we can add a second and third socket using specific items:

  • 1x equipment stabilizer (can be bought for 10 task points from Desmond or Guavis)
  • 1x equipment catalyst (crafting)
  • zenni

Chances of creating socket are 100%. 

List of gems can be found in items section in our library