Dungeons are closed locations scattered on the map, intended for teams or stronger solo players. The goal of the dungeon is to get out of it. To do this, you must defeat the creatures and bosses guarding the exit. By going through the dungeon, you can gain a lot of experience and many valuable items. However, you need to be thoroughly prepared for the dungeon, because entering it costs us a certain amount of task points, and the number of deaths during the dungeon for the team is limited. After exceeding the death limit, the team is kicked out. Dungeons can be redone an hour after leaving. If you are going to perform a dungeon with the teams, all team members should be in the party, after which the leader presses on entrance of the dungeon. After that, the entire team enters the duneon.

List of Dungeons

NameLevelMax. partyRegion
Curse of Pharaoh25 – 454Earth
Mafia40 – 704Earth
Army Secrets70 – 1004Earth
Jungle Adventure100 – 1408Earth
Namekian Retaliation140 – 1705Namek